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 Shipping & Receiving Offices
 Plant Foreman Office
 Sound & Dust Enclosures
 Powder Coating Booths
 Modular Machine Enclosures
 Partitions & Modular Walls
Warehouse Offices
 In-Plant Offices
 CMM Rooms
 Social Distancing Spaces
 Modular Break Rooms
 Computer Room Enclosures
 Conference Room Enclosures

Grow Rooms


Pre-Engineered for Indoor Cultivation

Scaling Up

Partner Opportunites

Air Tight Design

Mold-Resistant Structure & Finishes


Superior Pre-Engineered
Modular Wall Systems

Starrco is the leading manufacturer of pre-engineered modular components. From cleanrooms and portable buildings to modular offices, floor-to-ceiling panels and beyond, everything we do is designed with uptime in mind. Our prefabricated wall panels and panelized wall systems eliminate the chaos of conventional construction.

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