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Specialists in Tool Manufacturing for
Plastic Injection Molding

High Quality Molds at the Best Prices

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Thin wall.jpg
thin wall mold.jpg

Thin Wall Container Molds

Extensive solutions for disposable thinwall packaging products not just for standard round, oval, square or rectangular containers. Our professional team offer complete engineering solution starting from sketch to

finished product on your


Pail 3.jpg

Pail Molds

Round or Square, Big or Small,  all kinds of solutions for your container needs. With over 30 years experience in mold design, CNN Plastic can assist with your product design to fit the weight and strength requirement.

• Light-weight leak-proof product design
• Fast and Reliable mold design
• IML ready mold structure
• One-stop turnkey solution

pail mold.jpg
Cap n closure.jpg
Cap n closure 2.jpg

Cap & Closure Molds


CNN Plastic System offers full line of fast and reliable molds for your closure applications; standard water caps, oil caps, flip-top caps, pharma closures. CNN Plastic “PERFECT FIT” system provides you:
• Prototype mold to confirm perfect fitment with your bottle.
• Fast and stable mold for your mass production. 5 sec cycle time up to 48 cavities.

• Full turnkey line for slitting, dripping, and automatic assembling

We always close your bottle with our “PERFECT FIT” closures system.

Cutlery 1.jpg
Cutlery mold.jpg

Diposable Cutlery Molds
Starting from 12 cavity cold runner mold to multi-cavity fully hot runner mold, we utilize cutting edge CNC milling machine and quality steel to ensure the best quality.

  • Fully Hot Runner

  • Semi-Hot Runner

  • Cold Runner

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