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Australia, New Zealand, China, Russia, England, Germany, Ireland, Spain, Hungary, Egypt, Israel, India, as well as throughout Canada, United States and South America.

Components are pre-assembled to reduce installation time and minimize interruptions to your business. Parts are in-stock and ready to be shipped directly to you, wherever you may be.

Bridgeveyor is the original designers of the C-250™ overhead conveyor. This means you can rely on features like a pre-stretched chain, convenient inspection ports and modular construction for easy installation, maintenance and reliable performance.

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Fortunately, we live in a three-dimensional world. Getting anything done would be more or less out of the question otherwise! But walk into most manufacturing and warehousing facilities, and you’d think we’ve forgotten about one of the dimensions at our disposal.

Unless they have an overhead conveyor installed.

Operational Areas Where 3D Thinking Can Help

Virtually every warehouse or factory can benefit from at least one, if not several, operations that can take advantage of the 3D thinking that overhead conveyor systems make possible.

Here are just a few examples
Picking and Packing

Think about the space used for a basic, manual picking and packing process. In addition to the storage needed for products, floor space is needed for people and/or machines to move around between the SKUs needed for each order. Then the orders need to be carried to shipping. Or they could be placed on an overhead conveyor and transported to shipping using zero floor space.

Materials Handling

You move raw materials from shipping to production or storage, or finished goods to shipping areas. Almost any sort of ongoing materials handling process can be taken off the floor by an overhead conveyor.


Overhead conveyors can help your WIP in a number of ways. First, by simply moving products in a traditional assembly line process overhead instead of on the floor. They can also be used to move products from station to station throughout manufacturing and assembly. Even better, they can help time the arrival of products at certain stations to maintain optimal workflow and avoid bottlenecks.

Faster Processing

The shortest and fastest route from point A to point B is a straight line. But you can’t usually move materials and products in a straight line on the floor. But take them overhead and straight-line movement and the time savings it offers becomes a reality.

To learn more about putting 3D thinking to work for your operations, contact us here at Bridgeveyor, builder of the original, North American made C-250™ conveyor line.

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