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Application-driven plastic joining using a broad technology portfolio for a process-neutral approach to delivering applicaton solutions.

The speed and precision of ultrasonic welding streamlines production processes, optimizing productivity and reducing costs in highly competitive industries. In industrial applications, ultrasonic welding facilitates the assembly of various consumer goods, electronic components, and packaging materials. Its versatility and speed make it suitable for high-volume production, enabling manufacturers to meet market demands efficiently. Whether it's sealing automotive headlights, bonding electronic circuits, or assembling household appliances, ultrasonic welding ensures consistent quality and reliability, driving innovation and progress across diverse industrial sectors.
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Ultrasonic Plastic Welding

Produces a clean weld with highly uniform joints, providing exceptional performance, consistency and reliability.

Vibration Welding

For large and irregular-shaped parts, vibration welding eliminates the need for solvents, adhesives and other consumables.

Spin Welding

Precision technique for welding circular-joint interface parts with accurate control and highly consistent results.

Thermal Processing

Designed for thermal insertion, swaging, degating and date stamping. Staking or insertion options available.

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Laser Welding

Perfect for precise, aesthetically pleasing welds, laser welding is used for medical applications and for filtration devices.

Infrared Welding

Particle-free joints with a high mechanical load capacity. Ideal for sensors, electronic enclosures and medical products

Hot Plate Welding

Ideal for manufacturers seeking to join thermoplastics where both high strength and hermetic seals are required.

Heat Staking

Heat staking solutions for complex and delicate parts.

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