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Innovative Vacuum Pumps and Leak Detection Solutions

Ion Pumps & Controllers

Ion Pumps and Control Units for Ultra High (UHV) and Extreme High Vacuum (XHV)

Turbo Pumps & Controllers

High Vacuum Turbo Pumps and Controllers for Optimal Vacuum Performance

Turbo Pumping Systems (TPS)

Turbo Pumping Stations (TPS) to Optimize Vacuum in Your Laboratory or Plant


Roots Pumps (RP) & Roots Pumping Systems (RPS)

Roots Pumps and Roots Pumping Systems to Boost Pump Down Speed

Helium Leak Detectors

Ensure Stability and Performance in Any Leak Detection Application

Vacuum Measurement

High Quality Gauges and Controllers for Accurate Vacuum Measurement

Vacuum Components & Hardware

Reliable Hardware for your Vacuum Instruments

Vacuum & Leak Detection Software

Vacuum and Leak Detection Software and App to Optimize Workflows

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Diffusion Pumps

Oil Diffusion Vacuum Pumps for Demanding High Vacuum Applications

Dry Scroll Pumps

Scroll Pumps to Provide Oil-Free, Quiet and Sustainable Vacuum

Oil Sealed Rotary Vane Pumps

Mono and Dual Stage, Oil Sealed Rotary Vane Pumps for Broad Applications

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