Production Equipment for Plastics Manufacturing Including Injection Molding, Blow Molding, Ultrasonic Plastic Joining, Drying, Blending and Covnveying of Plastic Material
Production Equipment for Industry
Field service, spare parts, trainings and applications development
Complete Recycling Systems and Auxiliary Equipment and Handling Systems  for Paper, Plastic, Metal, Food and Beverage Recycling.
Modular component-based robotic end-of-arm tooling. Abrasives and cutting tools.
Ultrasonic Equipment for Industrial, Medical and Dental applications. Aqueous Cleaning, Part Washer, Solvents designed for the Electronic Assembly, Aerospace and Automotive Industries.
Automated Production Assembly and Test Systems, Robots, End-of Arm Tooling, and custom designed components.
Equipment for Assembly and Electronic Production. including Automotive, Appliance, Communications, Aerospace, Nuclear, Petroleum and Electronic Industries
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